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His Holiness
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Founder of

Transcendental Meditation Programme -1957

Science of Creative Intelligence -1971

Maharishi International University (U.S.A.) -1971

Maharishi European Research University (Switzerland) -1975

S.R.M. Foundation of India -1978

Maharishi European Research University (Switzerland)-1975

Maharishi European Research University (Germany) -1982

Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field -1982

Maharishi University of Natural Law (England) -1982

Maharishi Ved Vigyan Vishwa Vidyapeetham (India) -1983

Maharishi Vedic University (Europe & U.S.A.) -1985

World Federation Maharishi Ayurved -1985

Maharishi Gandharva Ved Vishwa Vidyapeeth (India) -1987

Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools-1991

Maharishi Schools of Age of Enlightenment -1974

Maharishi Institutes of Management (India) -1995

Maharishi Ved Vigyan Bhawans (India) -1995

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalya (Madhya Pradesh, India) -1985

Maharishi University of Management (U.S.A.) -1996

Maharishi Institutes of Vocational Education -1996

Maharishi Vedic Swasthya Avam Anusandhan Kendra (India) -1997

Maharishi Global Development Fund (all over world) -1997

Maharishi Veda Vision, Maharishi Channel (World Wide) -1998

Maharishi Center of Educational Excellence -1999

Maharishi Institute of Information Technology -1999

Through Unified Field Based Integrated System of Ideal Education, life everywhere will be ideal. No one will make mistakes, no one will violate the Laws of Nature, and no one will suffer or fall sick. Life will be long and happy, and the individual and society will rise to immortality. Fear and punishment in the administration of society will be forgotten; in gentleness and love, the life of mankind will be restored to wholeness. Spontaneously living in alliance with the invincible power of Natural Law, every nation will enjoy victory before war. Each step of progress of the individual and the nation will be guided by the unseen hand of nature's perfect intelligence and infinite organizing power. Abundance and affluence will belong to all. In unified field based civilization, mankind will enjoy Heaven on Earth.

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