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Education Designed to Cultivate Complete and Perfect Individuals

Is it possible to educate a man and raise him to a state of perfection? Certainly, today's prevailing systems of education have not. Even graduates of the most prestigious schools and universities are prone to mistakes. Governmental hierarchs misjudge the direction for their nation, corporate Managing Directors lead their companies down a wrong path, and all are at risk for making mistakes in their personal and family lives that could lead to misfortune and ill health. Such has been the legacy of modern education.

Against this backdrop of pedagogical mediocrity, Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools has come forth to set a new standard for education-that each student be cultivated as a perfect and total individual, free from problems and mistakes; and that he be instilled with the power, knowledge, and vision to lead his family, his nation, and his world to the greatest heights.

Clearly, such a holistic and effective approach to learning represents the pinnacle of the education pyramid and presents a beautiful vision of possibilities for society. Wherein lies the secret to accomplish this extraordinary goal? It is in the curriculum, developed by Founder, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Supreme Knowledge

The genius of Maharishi's school curriculum is that he takes every modern field of academic study identified by the Central Board of Secondary Education and seamlessly integrates it with his own fully revived Vedic Science and Technology.

What do modern academics and ancient Vedic knowledge have to offer each other? Indeed, the synergy of these two streams of knowledge has not been properly understood, even by those steeped in one or the other traditions. For this reason, neither educators nor Vedic scholars could have envisioned the great Sangam of knowledge that Maharishi has created.

But try to understand by imagining the daily routine of a Maharishi student. He begins each academic day with a 15-minute experience of Maharishi's Technology of Consciousness, the Transcendental Meditation Programme. His mind dives deep into pure, unbounded and eternal Atma, the Self-an experience once reserved for the great Himalayan saints of yore. Mentally and physically he becomes infused with Cosmic Intelligence.

600 Scientific Validations

Over 6 hundred scientific studies, performed independently around the world, have documented the remarkable benefits of this experience. Greater intelligence, superior brain wave functioning, improved concentration, comprehension and memory, increased learning ability and speed in solving problems, heightened academic performance, improved moral reasoning, enhanced mind body co-ordination and athletic performance, improved health, reversal of aging, decreased stress and anxiety, and the growth of ideal social behaviour-these are but a few of the findings reported in major scientific journals.

Every CBSE Subject Is Mastered

And so, having gained these benefits from completing his TM practice in the morning, our student begins his first CBSE subject of the day. As he assembles the points of knowledge required to solve the Maths, Computer, or Language problems posed by his teacher, a remarkable process begins. His mind begins to draw upon the Cosmic Intelligence accessed during his meditation and he achieves his first breakthrough in problem solving ability. This integration of human and Cosmic Intelligence intensifies as he advances through each standard.

Also through his Vedic practices, the 40 aspects of Veda and Vedic Literature become fully enlivened in the student's neuro-physiology, creating perfect health in mind and body.

In order to help our student integrate this new synergy, Maharishi has designed special charts that present the lessons of each subject in terms of the whole discipline and in terms of the student's own experience of Self.

Furthermore, our student attends one period devoted to Sanskrit and Vedic Science to ensure that, commensurate with his own level of psycho physiological development, he has a perfect understanding and appreciation of this transformation.

As the days, months, and years of his study progress, our student becomes eminently versed in each modern discipline. At the same time, the unbounded nature of cosmic intelligence becomes fully integrated into his mind and body, and he begins to breath the totality of Natural Law. In this mature state, his mind swings with the same infinite intelligence that governs the entire universe without mistake, from the galactic orbit of heavenly bodies to the minute detail of subatomic particles. And our student can bring this universal intelligence to bear upon any subject of his choosing.

The Perfect Man-Mistake-Free Life
After completing his education, our protégé enjoys a mistake-free life based on his development of consciousness and upon the physiology of enlightenment.

Does this psycho physiological development enhance his career? Yes, it does-most profoundly and dramatically.

Virtuoso Career

If his career is International Relations, then picture how his all-encompassing and foresighted vision, scintillating with the self-effulgent omnipotent values of Natural Law, naturally illuminates and overcomes any dark corners of dispute between nations. With heart rich in the subtleties of emotional wisdom, and with intellect fully versed in all pertinent issues, such as those related to sovereignty and economics, our protégé manages a mistake-free course for his country together with the world family.

Or as a financial manager, our protégé spontaneously executes a flawless monetary strategy based on his acquired financial acumen and his integration of human and Cosmic Intelligence. At the same time he and his concern benefit from the support of those values of Natural Law pertaining to fiscal success. In other words, Mother Nature tilts the scales in his favor and he becomes known for his "good luck."

Virtuoso Life

Whatever is his profession, our protégé begins to display virtuosity throughout every responsibility of life-in the office, and at home with his family-conducting each activity with the support of the infinite power of Natural Law. He becomes a masterful leader of his community, his nation, and his world.

Such a man is a complete man, a perfect individual. The grooming of such a man is the specialty and gift of Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools.

Other Special Features

  • Day and Residential schools for boys and girls
  • Highest quality teachers
  • High teacher-student ratio to give each student individual attention, guidance and supervised study
  • Bus services
  • Computers, libraries
  • Schools constructed according to the principles of Maharishi Sthapathya Veda, Vastu Vidya, to enhance Nature's support for all
  • Medical check-ups, treatment, and records
  • Psychological testing of students for intelligence and creativity
    Use of audio-visual aids, and other modern teaching techniques
  • Well rounded and balanced routine with appropriate emphasis given to arts, literature, hobbies, general knowledge, and sports
  • Extra-curricular activities, excursions and educational visits
  • Encouragement to develop self-help skills
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