National Open School

Origin of NOS

The National Open School (NOS) was established in November, 1989 as an autonomous organisation in pursuance of the National Policy on Education, 1986 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India. Open Schooling was originally experimented upon since 1978 as a project of the CBSE and was later amalgamated with the NOS.

Mission of the NOS

  • Education for all
  • Greater equity and justice in society
  • Evolution of a Learning Society


  • To provide opportunities for continuing and developmental education to interested learners through courses and programs of general education, life enrichment modules and vocational courses at the school stage.
  • To provide consultancy services and to engage in model building in close collaboration with the States and a variety of other agencies or institutions.
  • To serve as an agency for effective dissemination of information related to Distance Education and Open Learning.
  • To identify and promote standards of learning in distance education systems and open schools which may be set up in different parts of the country through research and evaluation and to maintain standards of equivalence with the formal System, while keeping its own distinctive character.

Prioritised Client Group of NOS


  • Girls and Women
  • Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
  • Rural People and Urban Poor
  • Unemployed / Employed, seeking jobs / better jobs, under employed
  • The older than the younger, age bracket of 15-35
  • Physically and mentally disadvantaged

Features of open learning in the NOS

  • An opportunity to continue education using modern communication technology.
  • Freedom to choose subjects according to one's needs, interests and abilities but must include one language.
  • No upper age limit.
  • Continuous assessment through Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA).
  • Learning support through Personal Contact Programmes(PCP's) at Study Centres.
  • Vocational Courses which can be taken singly or as a vocational package or in combination with academic courses, according to one's needs.
  • Possibility of re-admission after five years.
  • Transfer of credits for CBSE and State Open School students

List of NOS Approved Affiliate Center run by MVM Group of Schools

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